Thursday, November 14, 2013

Where do you come from?

I come from Upper Sandusky, small town Ohio at its finest. I still remember the birthdays of my elementary classmates. I can still sing the songs that Mrs. Minehart taught us in the John Stewart UMC junior choir. I remember the names of each of my pastors, and I remember the laughs of each of their wives. 

I come from Ohio Northern University, when the chaplain had a granddaughter named Anna. I learned from some of the best professors I know, some of whom gave me A's. I stayed up late giggling with my Kappa Phi sisters, eating Waffle House with the brothers of Sigma Theta (never mind the ones I dated). Under the chapel bells I found my second home, from late night prayers to Unlimited Sharing retreats. I made friends who are my dearest friends to date. 

I come from the Methodist Theological School in Ohio, where I met people both people I dislike and people I enjoy, all of whom will make great pastors, partners, counselors, and dedicated lay servants. Again, I learned from some of the best educators, some of whom gave me A's. 

I come from the Darby Plains Larger Parish, my first congregations. They listened to some really awful sermons, but saw my honest tears as I cried with them in joyful baptisms and sorrowful losses. I flubbed charge conference paperwork, and moved slowly through my process towards Ordination. They made delicious cake to celebrate my seminary graduation, and they graciously waved as I drove away for my next appointment. 

I come from North Broadway UMC. They, too, listened to some really awful sermons, but they loved me even when I broke Wesley's arm. Their pastor taught me more than a I could have ever learned on my own. They prayed me through my Ordination interviews, and allowed their own CB to carry my banner. I can't wait until I see his banner. 

I come from King Avenue UMC where my shoes and my diction never go unappreciated. I don't simply pray for this incredible church, I pray with it. The people at KA are so devoted to their faith and community. They smile when I still get giddy over wearing stoles. Does it ever get old? I already dread the day I get reappointed. 

What I know is that from all the places I come, I don't journey alone. Thank God for the path, both what is behind me and what is before me.