Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye, 2009

I, like most bloggers out there, am trying to reflect upon the year 2009. My year has passed by so quickly that as I sit here to make a bulleted list of things I have done in 2009, I have to have my calendar. So here goes...

- Worked at Kohl's and chose to give it up.
- Worked as a youth pastor at Church of the Good Shepherd United Methodist and chose to leave.
- Took classes at the nearby Catholic seminary. Now that is a post all in itself.
- Spent my birthday with my fabulous friends from GCSRW. I learned how to celebrate important things away from my husband.
- Learned the difficulty of doing my own taxes. Thank God for Michael Hurd.
- Celebrated the 80th birthday of my grandmother. I am so thankful for my huge family.
- Completed my first year of seminary.
- Took a trip to Canada with Garrett and his family just because I could.
- Spent 2 weeks + in Korea and Japan. I learned more on this trip than I ever could have in a classroom. While on the trip, Garrett learned that he passed an important test. Again, I celebrated something big away from my husband.
- Celebrated my 1st anniversary with Garrett. A great night with great food, wine, and accommodations. We topped it off by seeing Transformers. Too fun.
- Endured a week of Local Pastor's Licensing School. Though the content was deplorable, I did meet some good friends and colleagues.
- Became a certified candidate for ministry and a licensed local pastor in the United Methodist Church. Still trying to adjust to getting mail for "Rev. Anna Guillozet"
- Officiated my first funeral. Humbling.

and here are a few things that I have learned...

- friendship takes work. The good ones are worth the work, and the bad ones aren't worth the tears that I cried over them.
- Other people have feelings. Though this may seem obvious, it is something I have to remind myself of quite frequently. I tend to think my feelings trump those of others, and that is simply not true.
- Age is just a number. Now, most people that claim they have learned this are older... I, however, have done many things this year that few 22/23 year olds see as normal.
- I still don't like seafood.
- Sometimes it is ok to be doing nothing.
- Life is fragile. I thank my Aunt Laurel for this mostly. Though her life is waning in front of her own eyes, she keeps such a Godly attitude and genuinely joyful spirit that I can't help but keep her as a role model for my life.

And as I sit to publish this blog, I am watching montages and reading "best of" lists. I am reflecting on the close of this decade and what it has all meant to me. Now don't laugh, reader, but I think that this decade has been hysterical. 10 years ago I was 13. I was a child. And now, I close out the decade with a high school degree, a college degree, well on my way to a masters degree, a career well underway, a great marriage, a house that I call my own (despite our "renter" status), a dog who still rocks my world, and friends and family surrounding me who I love dearly.

So thank you, 00's, for changing my life in more ways than I could ever know.


Anonymous said...

Love this list!

And yay for the GCSRW shout-out! It was a privilege to spend your birthday with you :-)


Anonymous said...

I know that the 00's changed me, or maybe didn't change me, but helped me understand who I already was. You know you helped with that too. ;o)