Sunday, June 7, 2009

South Korea 4

June 2, 10:30 pm

After getting through customs and exchanging some money (dollars to won), we called a cab and got on our way into Seoul. I was amazed at how much English I saw written on signs and buildings. As we rode in silence a bit in the cab, we were cautious about trying out the little Korean we knew. Our cabdrive was brave and broke the silence. It was not much, but it was enough to put us each at ease.

It is odd to drive into a city at night. you cannot see any landscape (which was hard for me, knowing we were on a bridge but not seeing the water), and when the city lights hit you all at once, you cannot do anything but stare out the window with your mouth hanging open. I really am a small town girl...

We finally reached the Centennial Center and it was quiet, which is all this weary traveler needed. I just don't know if I can get used to this whole bathroom slippers thing.

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