Sunday, June 7, 2009

South Korea 5

June 3

What a long day today was!! Starting out at Dunkin Donuts I realized just how strange it must be to be a resident of Seoul going about your daily life and run into 11 Americans who don't really understand the public transportation.

The common theme of today was getting recognized for being different. I have never really been in that situation. While we visited the King's Palace (NAME GOES HERE), the elementary students were eager to try their English out on us. It was generally fun. They would yell "WHERE ARE YOU FROM?!"

The sensory experiences I have had today are noteworthy. I have enjoyed the smell of incense from the Buddhist temple and the first bite of kimchi. Everyone says that it is an acquired taste. I will be the judge of that...

I can't keep my eyes open anymore and will go to bed... Here are other things we experienced today.

- Korean Methodist University
- McDonald's
- Tea House
- Shopping/dinner

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