Sunday, June 7, 2009

South Korea 8

(still June 4, evening)

As we walked into the theatre, we walked through a protest. The protest was strange because it was so divided. About a week before our arrival the former South Korean president killed himself. Some feel that it was purely suicide while others believe he was pushed towards the action by political pressure because of the current conflict between North and South Korea. It brings me back to a conversation that a classmate and I had on the bus. Michelle (our DMZ tourguide) made it seem as though almost all South Korean people want to reunite with North Korea, but we don't see how that can ever happen. This protest made us see that the view of North Korea held by South Koreans is much more comlicated, far from black and white.

We kept walking and reached the theatre. After a heavy day, a visit to the theatre was the prefect ending. We watched "Miso."

Just a note about the subway... I would like to know what the media here is telling people about H1N1 (or "swine flu") because each time we step into an enclosed space (subway, elevator, etc.) with folks, they immediately cover their faces and try to share as little air as possible with us.

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