Thursday, January 22, 2009

more than I can chew

It seems to be the common theme of the week... people are worn out, run down, stressed out, and generally crazy.  And when I say people, I mean seminarians.  It's not even the end of a term.  I mean, J-term is wrapping up, but most students I know didn't take J-term.  

For me, however, I have recently been struggling with balance.  It's not that I'm not getting all of my school work done, because I am, but I am just still learning how to be a wife, a student, a youth pastor, hold down a retail job and practice good self care all at the same time.  Self care does not just mean physical health, but also emotional and spiritual well-being.  I have just been failing.  

I have done such a good job recently at taking care of myself physically and keeping up with my school work.  But other things have suffered.  My spiritual discipline has gotten thrown at the window (except for those rare David Crowder Band meets treadmill moments) and I have been emotionally nuts, therefore doing a bit less than succeeding in the wife department.  

But J-term is over (as soon as I submit my paper) and I am starting a new semester.  A semester in which I can balance things better because I am going into it with intentionality.  I know now that it takes much more effort to succeed in all aspects of life.  And even if I don't succeed (which I probably won't...) I have the most wonderful support system of a husband who will love me if I'm neurotic, sleep deprived, hormonal or any combination of the three.  

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April Casperson said...

Yeah. The whole job/job/church/home/husband/me/school/homework/ordination/worry about the future combo? Deadly at times. I feel ya.

Thanks for sharing.