Tuesday, January 20, 2009


well, we have a new president.  I think I'm going to be the only blogger that doesn't write about that tonight.  

Tuesday nights are zumba nights for me.  If you've never witnessed zumba, it is quite the spectacle.  There are plenty of videos on youtube.  Check it out.  Our instructor is the typical aerobics instructor: cute, skinny, ripped.  She's wonderful.  There are a lot of people in our class, so you never feel like you're the only one.  The thing for me is, all the women my age are must more fit than I am.  There are a few older women (in their 50's and 60's) that are my size.  I go to zumba and feel like I am in terrible shape (which I am).  I get far more red than everyone else, I drink a ton more water, and I sweat like a crazy person.  

Then I go back to thinking about the Biggest Loser cardio workout that my friend bought me for Christmas.  Bob, the trainer, tells you that he doesn't care whether or not you're doing exactly what he's saying, as long as you're moving.  That is what keeps me going when my chippy little zumba instructor is thrusting and salsa-ing and everyone else looks far cuter than I do.  I am moving.  I am working.  I am doing what my body needs.  How many people are sitting at home on their butts when I am up and kicking my own butt at zumba.  

Sure, I'm not the most fit person in the world, but I am on my way to that!  I'm trying hard!!  That's all that counts.  

Keep moving.  

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